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Daily Supplements For Peak Cognition

Science-backed cognition-boosting compounds to support your long-term brain health.* Our precision-targeted formulas support the production of specific neurotransmitters to help achieve a desired mental state, now and over time, to enhance every part of your day.*

Benefits of Daily Use

Promotes brain health

Neuroprotective ingredients support cognitive enhancing effects, boosting learning, attention and memory function.

Boosts mood

Bioactive compounds in our formulations boost mood and sense of well-being in the face of everyday stress.

Strengthens immunity

 Immune-supporting functional mushrooms suppress inflammation and strengthen stress resilience.

Maximizes deep sleep

GABA-promoting ingredients improve sleep quality by enhancing the deepest phase of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, critical to physical recovery and memory consolidation.

The Collection

Enhance every part of your day with our complete collection of supplements. Maximize focus and productivity with Sunbeam, tune into joy and connection with Golden Hour, and slip into deep sleep with Moonlight.


  • Productivity*
  • Socializing*
  • Deep sleep*
  • Long-term brain health*

Our Customers Can’t Get Enough

Average 4.8 star rating!

Crystal G.
Verified Buyer

I love these supplements! Overall, I feel more balanced, focused, and creative at work. I feel happy and balanced consistently — which is amazing!

Christy B.
Verified Buyer

I use all three supplements daily, my favorite being Sunbeam! It really does give you an extra boost of motivation, which I take for my job to improve my performance.

Lauren R.
Verified Buyer

Really loved each product! Particularly Moonlight — I’ve relied on melatonin in the past, but this supplement helps me not only fall asleep, but stay asleep!

Jennifer S.
Verified Buyer

When I started taking First Person products it changed my work day. I can stay focused, despite my work load, and my productivity maximized. I love these products!

Cory R
Verified Buyer

I can't imagine a day without all three of these supplements! I even bought a second collection box so I had a set of tins both at home and at the office!

Sierra M
Verified Buyer

I've just completed my first month of The Collection and I'm in love. I felt more focused with taking the Sunbeam, and a little calm buzz when taking the Golden Hour!

Ashley R.
Verified Buyer

I have been using these now for about three months and they are amazing. Especially Golden Hour! I have cut back on caffeine quite a lot thanks to these little pills!

Industry-leading Ingredients

Pure, organic mushrooms

Made with 100% organic, grain-free mushrooms, paired with a curated blend of premium nutraceuticals, hand-selected to maximize your experience.

Cognition-boosting compounds

Precision-targeted formulas support the production of specific neurotransmitters to help achieve a desired mental state, now and over time.


Hand-selected by leading doctors and scientists, our ingredients, with daily usage, help create an environment for long-term brain health and performance.

Premium, home-grown Lion’s Mane

Other mushroom products contain fillers and grain residue. Not ours. Grown at our state-of-the art, certified organic farm in the Pacific Northwest, our proprietary extraction process produces the most bioavailable pure mushroom extracts available. Feel the difference.

Active compounds in Lion's Mane mushrooms have been shown in studies to stimulate the growth of brain cells and improve memory and cognitive function. Lion's Mane has become a standout ingredient for brain health.

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Enhance Every Part of Your Day

  • Sunbeam

    Maximize productivity and creative activities by tuning in to an inspired, focused mindset.*

    Helps with*:

    • Productivity
    • Learning
    • Work
    • Long-term mental stamina
  • Golden Hour

    Tune in to a sense of joy, connection, and relaxed presence.*

    Helps with*:

    • Confidence
    • Mood
    • Socializing
    • Long-term memory
  • Moonlight

    Stay in deep, restorative sleep longer; wake feeling clear and well-rested.*

    Helps with*:

    • Deep Sleep
    • Clear mornings
    • Long-term stress reduction
    • Long-term memory
  • The Collection

    Enhance every part of your day with our complete collection of supplements.

    Helps with*:

    • Productivity
    • Socializing
    • Deep sleep
    • Long-term brain health

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