• Crystallized Lion’s Mane
  • Crystallized Lion’s Mane
  • Crystallized Lion’s Mane

Lion's Mane

Meet our drink enhancer. Awaken your best mind with a lift in brain power and energy.* We co-crystallized our proprietary organic lion’s mane mushroom extract with pterostilbene, a potent antioxidant derived from blueberries. This powerful fusion may help support an increase in mental energy and focus, without introducing jittery side effects.* 


  • Brain energy*
  • Mental Fitness*
  • Long-term brain cell growth*

Comes in a two-pack for a total of 20 sachets per order

Ships within 1 week

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Energy and clarity*
Energy and clarity*

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Ships within 1 week

How to use

Kickstart your brain anywhere, anytime with our portable sachets.

Add one serving (one sachet) to 6-8 ounces of your preferred beverage: coffee, tea, smoothies, even overnight oats.

Mix well and enjoy with minimal impact to taste. Your favorite latte will still taste like your favorite latte.

Enjoy day to night: this is a caffeine-free product.

If you'd like to add to a carbonated beverage, please leave some space at the top as the drink will fizz. Not to worry - your drink just can't help but get as excited as your brain.

Use for:

  • Meeting deadlines
  • Mentally challenging sports
  • Anytime you need a mental pick-me-up

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Our difference

Experience lion's mane like never before

  • Immediate lift in energy and mental clarity*
  • Minimal taste, fully dissolvable
  • 100% fruiting body extract, US-grown & organic
  • Advanced co-crystallization technology to improve absorption and maximize your experience*

Pure, precise, potent

Our USDA certified organic farm is located in the Pacific Northwest, where we sustainably cultivate and hand-harvest our functional mushrooms. We have pioneered a pure functional mushroom ingredient with our proprietary processing methods.

Look Inside

We leveraged the power of co-crystallization to improve absorption and bioavailability. Just two ingredients fused into one superior product that unlocks mental clarity and energy that you feel within minutes.*


A potent antioxidant derived from blueberries, pterostilbene supports optimal brain function and promotes healthy aging.* Pterostilbene is also known for its superior solubility and bioavailability, and through the process of co-crystallization, lion's mane is fused with pterostilbene—and takes on these attributes.

Lion's Mane

Lion's mane mushroom—a star ingredient for brain health and cognitive function—has been shown to support focus & productivity, enhance mood & creativity, and stimulate neurogenesis: the creation of new neurons in the brain.*

Find out what others are saying

"I couldn't believe how refreshed and energized I feel after just one sachet! Whenever I need to get my head in the game, I reach for the crystallized lion's mane."

Alex M.
Jiu Jitsu Practioner

"I love the benefits of lion's mane to boost focus and creativity, but I hated the earthy taste and the powder that always settled at the bottom of my drinks. I can add this to any drink with zero impact to taste - huge game changer!"



Functional mushrooms are mushrooms that provide a positive contribution to health, beyond just their basic nutritional value. Functional mushrooms are superfoods containing many vitamins and minerals. While each type of mushroom has its own unique properties, overall they may contribute to a variety of positive health benefits such as better sleep, better digestion, clearer skin, reduced anxiety, treatment of allergies and asthma, reduced inflammation, improved bone health, and promotion of a stronger immune system to help your body fight colds and other illnesses more efficiently.

We take immense pride and care in cultivating our own lion's mane mushrooms at our certified organic farm in the Pacific Northwest. From there, and through our proprietary dual extraction methods, we have pioneered a 100% fruiting body, functional mushroom extract ingredient that maximizes your experience.

Co-crystallization is an advanced technology that fuses two or more types of molecules under precise conditions, such that they bond together to create a completely new crystalline structure. It improves absorption by enhancing solubility, stability and bioavailability.

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