Check Out How Our Co-Founder Takes First Person

Meet Chris: co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at First Person. 
Check out how he takes First Person.

"A morning mindset ritual is essential for me. I start my day with a dose each of Sunbeam and Golden Hour as the coffee is brewing. Next: meditation, coffee and reading. This sets the stage to power through emails, creative writing and planning."

"Most afternoons are busy with Zoom meetings, and staring at a computer screen can be tiring.  By midafternoon, I like to reup on a dose or two of Sunbeam to maintain focus and engagement." 

"Brain health is an integral part of my life, so I’m mindful of reducing my alcohol intake. However, relaxing and socializing are critical to well-being so in the evenings, I take Golden Hour with my wife and friends to unwind and connect. We still enjoy a glass of wine on occasion, just not every night!" 

"Work, family, kids…life, so many things to think about and I was a chronic 'wake up at 3am thinker.'  With a dose of Moonlight before bed, I now sleep through the night and wake up refreshed and ready to get after the day."
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