Flipping The Script On Aging

Written by Joseph Claussen, Co-Founder


About the Author:

Joseph has 20+ years of leadership experience in high-touch luxury industries. For the past five years, he has worked exclusively on mycology & plant medicine supply chain development with a focus on mushroom cultivation and extraction, nutrition science, health coaching, cognitive health, metabolic function, and product development in CPG supplements. Joseph is an avid speaker and cognitive health evangelist.


As we age, it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling like our best years are behind us. We often associate aging with physical decline, decreased mobility, and increased health problems. However, by flipping the script on aging and looking at it like a game where we level up every year, we can improve our quality of life and outlook on aging.

The concept of leveling up is familiar to gamers. As they progress through a game, they gain new skills, unlock achievements, and become more powerful. By applying this same idea to aging, we can reframe our mindset and focus on the positive aspects of growing older. 

First, let's consider the physical changes that come with aging. It's true that our bodies may not be as nimble or resilient as they once were, but we can maintain a healthy diet and exercise routines to age gracefully. And it doesn't mean we can't also level up in other areas! We can become more knowledgeable, more experienced, and more emotionally intelligent. With each passing year, we have the opportunity to learn and grow, becoming wiser and more insightful.

We can also level up in terms of our relationships. As we age, we have the opportunity to deepen our connections with loved ones and build new relationships. We can learn to communicate better, resolve conflicts more effectively, and show more compassion and empathy. By investing in our relationships, we can create a support network that helps us navigate life's challenges and enriches our daily lives. 

In addition, we can level up in terms of our personal growth. With age we may become more introspective and reflective, allowing us to better understand ourselves and our place in the world. We can identify our values and priorities, set meaningful goals, and work towards them with intention and purpose. By cultivating a growth mindset, we can embrace challenges as opportunities for learning and self-improvement. These challenges also stimulate neuroplasticity, which may protect against age-related decline!

To truly embrace the idea of leveling up, we need to shift our mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance. Instead of focusing on what we've lost or what we can no longer do, we need to focus on what we can gain and what we can still do. We need to celebrate our accomplishments, no matter how small, and look for ways to build on them.

There are many practical ways we can flip the script on aging and start leveling up. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  • Set goals for personal growth and celebrate when you achieve them
  • Take on new challenges, whether it's learning a new skill or trying a new hobby
  • Connect with loved ones regularly and invest in your relationships
  • Practice self-care and prioritize your physical and emotional well-being
  • Embrace your wisdom and share it with others

By approaching aging as a game where we level up every year, we can improve not only our quality of life and outlook on the aging process, but also our overall health! We can embrace the opportunities for growth and personal development that come with each passing year and celebrate our accomplishments along the way. With a growth mindset and a focus on abundance, we can create a fulfilling and meaningful life at any age.

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